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Volvo Lifepaint

Volvo has just released a luminous spray paint that’s invisible during the day and then extremely reflective and fluorescent at night as soon as car headlights bounce off it. Spray it on your bike,…

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Heroine Pop?

As you may know, we at Gross admire innovation and the more odd and enticing the better. New genres of music are always emerging and Heroine Pop (H-Pop) is one of them. King Krule…

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Okay Photay

If you’re looking for music to engage your senses and creativity, then listen to this genre-defying tune. This may be the first and last time we’ll say this, but the oboe sounds awesome.…

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Poolside Etiquette

We love travelling. Global nomads people call us. We live our lives aqua-submerged. Simple that way. Design, swim, travel, festivals. Get boisterous at times. Don’t mind if we do. These guys seem cool. They’re like those…

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Don’t Have a Bottle Opener?

Ever wondered how many ways you could open a bottle using random shit on a ranch of some sort? You most likely answered, “No,” but whatever. Chris Sumers and Matt Young did something right to get…

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Lighten the ‘FuckJerry’ up

If you don’t follow FuckJerry on Instagram or Tumblr, there is an alternate world full of hilarity that is about to kick you in the crotch. If you do follow this laughable idiocy that…

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Start Fryin’ Yer Eggs Right

You just might want to add olive oil to your egg fryin’ routine after reading this article from Bon Appétit that describes the process of cracking an egg into a pan full of hot,…

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Submarine Sandwich by PES

PES is the creator of some of the most widely viewed, stop-motion films of all-time, including Roof Sex, KaBoom!, Game Over, Human Skateboard, Western Spaghetti and Fresh Guacamole. Check out a new one titled…

A man is seen wearing headphones through a subway car window, 1981.
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A Different NYC Subway

New York Subway from the 1980s is legendary in the art world. There was a moment in time when the transit authority was not prepared to deal with the mass amounts of uncurated public…

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Tijuana Panthers

Although these three dudes aren’t actually from Tijuana (they hail from Long Beach, Ca) they have a righteous sound that blends old-school surf rock, with rockabilly steez. With Chad Wachtel on the six-string, Daniel…


Citizen Brick: Foxy Blox

  This set literally has everything, glass high heels, money, zebra couches, a slimy DJ and a fake palm tree. This set is made by Citizen Brick, an awesome company that custom prints all…

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Apparently this is the second time we have posted about butt plugs, but we figure you need to see these. 3D-printed by Shapeways, this sex toy is made of sandstone with a coarse finish, which…

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People Blocks 2: Andy Rementer & Case Studyo

American artist Andy Rementer has teamed up with none other than Belgian workshop CASE STUDYO to produce a limited line of figures as a part of the brand’s ongoing sculpture series. Peep a brief video above…

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South Park in Real Life

Ever wondered what the characters of South Park look like in real life? Wonder no more. Last night’s episode revealed what Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny look like in real life. This is the second…

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Wilkinson – Afterglow Awesome Video

Life in statistic terms is an awesome concept for a video. Remy Cayuela directs this video for Wilkinson- a British Drum & Bass producer, showing five years of a couple’s relationship summed up into statistic facts.…

cnet speaker
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DIY: Make a mini boombox

Partly because craftsmanship  is an essential skill and partly to tip our hats, we proudly present Mr. Donald Bell who walks us through the process of easily creating your very own portable speaker. The…


Video for Ugly Boy by Die Antwoord

Die Antwoord just released a video for their new single Ugly Boy from their 2014 album Donker Mag.  The video is packed with stars like Marilyn Manson, Aphex Twin, Cara Delevingne, ATL Twins, Jack Black, Flea, and…

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Thanksgiving 2011. I received, in an absurdly emphatic manner, a series of pictures and raving messages from an extremely inebriated good friend praising the shit out of some “dog” flavored beer. Needless to say,…